In 2005, he worked as a strategist in the Office of the Secretary of Defense where he authored the first-ever, U.S. government strategy for deterring terrorist networks.  For his work, he was awarded the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s Award for Outstanding Achievement.

This guy is going to be a future heavyweight establishment figure. He’s already worked for the DOD, probably worked in consulting and now a professor in Academia, but he’s on leave from that gig to be sitting on the Council of Foreign Relations. Eventually he will cycle over to defense contracting for a while, probably serve on a handful of boards.

He’s writing in Foreign Policy magazine: “Time To Attack Iran: Why A Strike is the Least Bad Option”. It’s behind a paywall and the article probably sucks so don’t bother. It will be standard neocon/progressive warmongering bullshit. The point is, I am starting to think that “kinetic military action” involving Iran is extremely likely.

A lot of people within the establishment think this Kroenig guy is the best of the best of the best, sir, with honors. He literally wrote the book on their favorite pet project: anti-terrorism. Him saying this is a big deal. We already knew some big time establishment figures would like to attack Iran last week and an article like this from an author like this is a signal from that faction that they are really serious.


Oh, wait…

Ferd published my post on false flag blogging at In Mala Fide. I got a lot of good comments.

One meta-comment to everyone who said some variant of “this is crazy this will never work”. Imagine you are sitting around at a meeting of progressives and somebody said, “guys here’s what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna convince em that all their centuries old traditions are total crap, their very ideology and worldview is crap, they themselves are the embodiment of evil, and that they must surrender their civilization itsself, and we’re gonna do it all just by nagging them over and over again about how bad they are if they don’t agree with us.” Sounds crazy. Or imagine Billy Ayers planting bombs talking to the other nervous weathermen like “nah guys don’t worry, we’re gonna end up with tenured establishment jobs out of this, watch”. The world is a crazy place and getting crazier every day.

Frost said:

More on topic, we need to get bold and creative with how we fight the war for the best minds in the western world. False flag blogging is a wide-open front. Especially if you’re new to writing and aren’t yet confident in your voice – and unless you have written many thousands of words already, the truth is your writing is probably going to suck – a false-flag blog would be a great way to hone your skills while only having to actually write at the level of typical mid-twenties gender studies grad student.

Exactly. Part of the reason I suggest this to people is because its relatively low investment with huge potential returns. I say game is already bold and creative. Now we need to get insidious. Our enemies have people paid hundreds of thousands per year to do nothing but think of ways to oppress us, so we need to be on the absolute razor edge of the most evil, sinister, disruptive stuff anyone could ever come up with. Anyone who has been in the military knows about force multipliers. Keep that concept in mind.

“Also a mans face slowly turns into the mask he is wearing if he does so for long enough time.”

Did this happen to some literary/mythological character?

Probably. There was another comment to the effect of if you’ll gradually become the thing you’re trying to destroy. To this I say, so what? If we accidentally become part of the problem… who cares? At least we tried, and some of our boys get to enjoy a bunch of nice fringe benefits of being in the PC establishment that would have otherwise gone to random hostile immigrants or cunty women.

I mildly resent your commie handle

See this and also see below in my long reply to bruce banner. We sort of are the commies now.

eric said

If we were to take the way of the left we would have to take over, in some form, the education/indoctrination of children. In other words, we should start making video games.

Brilliant. We already have a very good shot at taking over the education of children. The public schools basically don’t work. Teachers’ unions are perhaps weaker than ever. Everyone with kids benefits from our program, so we just need to market it in the correct way.

Video games are a great way into minds and since it really brings the young man into the experience it makes his acceptance of our ideas that much more total. I really hope someone runs with this idea. I don’t know how I would start to make a video game that preached our message. Ideas?

Might I suggest we also take it deeper: baby/toddler entertainment. It might have to be very subtle, maybe even overtly pc at first to establish a following. Parents are desperate for things to raise their kids for them, so let’s capitalize on that and hit them with some of our programming. I don’t have kids yet but I assume that what’s out there as far as barney or sesame street style shows is total crap, just uber-pc multicultural garbage which was written by a committee of left wing activists who don’t have kids of their own.

Liberalism/Feminism Bruce Banner said:

Amateurish psy-ops never work. It takes government or an institution to pull that out. Without coordination you cannot strike at the enemy.

First of all Bruce, this s— is not amateurish. Secondly, Coordination is easy and doesn’t require an institution at all. It’s getting trustworthy people who are willing to be coordinated that is the hard part. Especially when our kind of man tends to be the guy who can’t handle being paid well to sit comfortably at a desk and browse the web, and would rather bug out to a third world country and try to pick up chicks. Anyone who is trustworthy and willing to be bossed around, get in touch.

It needs repeating: the only way to defeat feminism is to defeat liberalism. And not only the liberal institutions, think tanks and corporations, but also in our hearts. Liberalism today is the enemy WITHIN. Stop thinking and acting like fecking liberals!

Blogs and phora are secondary battlefields: it´s the institutions, especially education that the right needs to take over. Mimic the long march through the institutions which gave victory to the Left in 50 years. Even so called conservatives worship the liberal deities of equality, negrophilia and tolerance.

You have it backwards. Acting like liberals is exactly what we must do. The fact is we are not the alt-right. We are the new left. We are the oppressed proles (bear with this analogy here, it works if you think about it) We must overthrow the capitalist bankers who by their control of the means of production deny us the fruits of our own labor (and -some say- operate a soft genocide against us) and they’re doing us in under the guise of socialism, no less. They are the establishment. We lost “our” country. They control it all now. We have blogs. And a handful of churches and seasteading. Sucks.

Now it’s time to move on. We have to take these piece of shit down and that means we must use leftist tactics. This kind of blogging operation is the beginning of a long march to infiltrate and undermine their institutions. Obedient feminist bloggers become small scale establishment figures. Starting a blog is an easy shortcut behind enemy lines that doesn’t require going to an ivy league school, getting a phd and becoming a college professor. I’ve thought about this already, a previous post on my blog advises students to major in Climate Change.

Blogs are not “secondary”. The legacy institutions are collapsing due to rot introduced by the progressives and their relevance continues to decline. The Ivy league schools are, astoundingly, realizing this. The new hotness is to give away all the course content for free on the internet. They’re open about the fact that their value-added is in approving people, not educating them in any meaningful sense. Blogs, homeschooling, private charter schools, alternative certification, hands-on skills training, apprenticeships, this is the future.

Fighting feminism is taking on the weaker side of Liberalism. Stop playing around and fight like men! Reclaim a society that was once yours. Or perish childless and without honour.

Once again Bruce, you have it backwards. Playing around? Real men fight to win, period. We fight feminism specifically because it’s the weak point of liberalism. Read your Sun Tzu. Attacking the entire rainbow coalition at once is madness. You always attack the enemy where he is weakest.

Liberalism is a political machine. It distributes benefits to its supporters. The minority victim groups all directly benefit from liberalism. All blacks have an interest in continuing their racial privileges under liberalism because all blacks can benefit from it.

But not all women actually benefit from feminism. They may think they win at first, but we know full well that feminist sex and the city type women lose big time: no kids, no committed alpha, no nothing. Most women don’t benefit, and many women are recognizing this.

Right now among women, feminism is high status and actually being feminine is low status. But all women instinctively want to actually be feminine, and they have better life results when they do. We all know about how to manipulate women’s idea of status. This should be easy to work out.

If we take out or marginally disrupt feminism, and pull lots of white women out of the coalition, it crumbles in short order. High IQ thundercunts are major war engines of the regime, and especially the childless ones. They actually run the agencies, corporations, HR departments, universities, etc. Without them, the enemy has a harder time operating. As well, white women are blatantly used as bait to recruit minority men into liberal groups.

Anti-feminism is something that we know well (I say that the “alt-right” reactionary sphere grew directly out of the game sphere) and it is something that the other elements of the liberal coalition actually somewhat agree with us on because its not like the blacks, mexicans, arabs, etc are keen on empowering their women. All men of all races have common ground in dealing with the unique female brand of bullshit and thus are potential sympathizers on this issue.

PA said about the hamster:

“the goal is to convince them that the ruling elite are horribly wrong.”

Correct. As phase I. But the hamster is strong. So phase II is to convince them that the ruling elite is unfashionable and creepy and uncool.

It’s sort of both phases combined. We don’t need to come out and say all this directly, but we need to convey that if women follow the elite plan and chase the feminist dream they will necessarily not get the life that they ALL want (ie alpha kids plus alpha commitment). We need to take away the perceived status of feminism. And we know how to mess with women’s idea of status, with game.

Aruini said about gays:

“Pro-gay” in particular is fertile ground. Gays are men, no less reasonalbe than us, and a blogger who laid out the (feminist, big gov’t) gay agenda in all its putrid glory would create a backlash from the community itself.

Women actually do enjoy feminism, and can’t be reasoned out of it, for the most part; gays, on the other hand, want some respect, but don’t generally want the marxism presented by the gay agenda.

I can’t disagree more that women can’t be reasoned out of it. Women are reasoned out of it all the time, but they often reason themselves back into it because it continues to have the status draw. But I like the way you think. Gays are another good target because they also contribute a lot of the money and grunt work to the coalition. They also tend to be race-realist and woman-realist. Foseti points out they are often the first wave of gentrification into a rough neighborhood. And they have lots of female friends who give them an unfiltered look at girl world in all its rationalization hamster spinning alpha cock chasing glory.

We’ll close with this comment by Orthodox, slightly edited by me:

Always be in service of power. The purpose of the false flag from the left is to discredit your enemy by distorting reality. Your goal is to crawl inside their head and become the better version of them, the liar spewing their lies, and in this way, to ultimately destroy them.

Alexei Navalny

Ok, I have no idea how similar this guy actually is to Roissy but he is an old school anti-establishment nationalist (ie: anti-globalist, anti-leftist) blogger in Russia who’s been making international headlines of late. Alexei is a trained lawyer and anti-establishment blogger in Moscow.  He’s been jailed by Putin for his blog posts and anti-regime protest activity. He pulls Michael Moore type of stuff, buying shares of corporations and attending meetings asking embarssing questions(actually Moore probably stole the idea from him if anything). He has a wife who aids and abets, running his location out to the media when he gets arrested, which seems pretty alpha (pending her hotness). He exposed a $4billion theft from a national oil company, and won 45% of a virtual election for mayor of Moscow, with the next highest vote getting being “against all candidates”(This is something we should insist on getting on all US ballots, btw).
I have taken no time yet to read any of this guy’s stuff, I’m going off of what I have read about him in the old establishment media, but I am pretty sure he’s on our side or at least sympathetic. I will update this post later on after I know more.

I’m not a WN because I flat don’t care about “the white race”. I think it would be good for pure white people to keep being around, but the rest of the peoples of the world have some good examples among them too. As long as everyone assimilates into white behavior, norms, etc, so we can all have a good life, who cares? But I recognize that genetics and the current cultural programming being what they are, probability of that happening is about zero.

But if you look at what WNs want, it is basically the same thing that every person of every race wants. They want to live in a nonviolent, efficient, affordable, enriching society with people who they all know, trust, get along with, share history and traditions with, etc. Basically the default set of things for all humans to want.

There has to be a way somebody can come up with to sell this under a different brand name that hasn’t been so negatively stigmatized. I don’t know what that could be, the 99% is already taken. Maybe the reasonable normal people party?

How about this: always describe feminism as “western feminism”. Point out that this is an example of white people forcing their beliefs onto everyone else. Most of the people in the world do not agree with jezebel.com-style radical feminism which they laughably pretend is or should be mainstream.

They seriously expect people to believe that American Women have it rough. That they are oppressed by powerful white men behind the scenes. No.

THIS is what “oppressive patriarchy” as a dominant force in the running of a nation looks like:



Afghan President Hamid Karzai has pardoned a rape victim who was jailed for adultery, after she apparently agreed to marry her attacker.

A government statement said she agreed to the marriage, although her lawyer said she did not wish to marry him.

The woman, named as Gulnaz, gave birth in prison to a daughter who has been kept in jail with her.

Senior Afghan officials told the BBC the government put no preconditions on her release.

“President Karzai tasked the minister of justice to go and talk to Gulnaz to see what she wants. During her meeting with the minister, she said she will marry the attacker only if her brother marries the attacker’s sister,” Emal Faizay, a spokesman for President Karzai, told the BBC.

“This is a decision by her. I can confirm that there is no precondition set by the Afghan government.”

Gulnaz’s lawyer told the BBC she hoped the government would allow Gulnaz the freedom to choose whom to marry.

“In my conversations with Gulnaz she told me that if she had the free choice she would not marry the man who raped her,” said Kimberley Motley.

The case has drawn international attention to the plight of many Afghan women 10 years after the overthrow of the Taliban.

Human rights groups say hundreds of women in Afghan jails are victims of rape or domestic violence.

Earlier this month, Gulnaz said that after she was raped she was charged with adultery.

“At first my sentence was two years,” she said. “When I appealed it became 12 years. I didn’t do anything. Why should I be sentenced for so long?”

The most recent appeal saw her sentence reduced to three years


This is also what “diversity” looks like. Left to their own devices, the Afghan people choose this system. Obviously, a substantial majority of Afghans don’t think theres anything wrong with the idea of raping a girl, then throwing her in jail when she complains.

“Who are you to impose your western feminist values on them? Their native culture is unique and equally deserving of our respect.”



10:46 am
Sadly, Mr. Obama seems to be serving some amorphous group that I am completely unaware of rather than those who elected him. He seems to have spent much of his first term in office primarily working toward a second one. It’s too bad that he didn’t trust the voters who trusted him and work toward fulfilling his campaign promises while he still had a majority to work with. If he acquires a second term, perhaps he will then do what we expected him to do during his first term. Being elected as the lesser of two evils is no great accomplishment, yet that appears to be the case.